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Assassin's Creed Origins Logo by PandaNotes Assassin's Creed Origins Logo :iconpandanotes:PandaNotes 35 4 Assassin's Creed Origins Insignia by PandaNotes Assassin's Creed Origins Insignia :iconpandanotes:PandaNotes 62 26
Bayek x Reader ~ A Leap Of Faith
Little clouds of dust were kicked up beneath your sandals as you tread the winding path upwards, your skin was covered in a thin sheen of sweat from the day spent training beneath the weight of the deserts unrelenting heat. “We are close, now.” Bayek promised from ahead of you.
“Thank the Gods.” You muttered through a small pant.
“Only such harsh training will breed a skilled warrior, and a true assassin.” He reminded, smiling lightly over his shoulder at you.  
You nodded, bracing your body through the small pang of nerves as you pushed stiff legs to follow your mentor. The sun was hotter than usual today, as if for your torment Ra had it beat down on your back like the rod of a priest given in punishment. How you missed the cool, clean rooms of home, the sweet perfumes of incense, you remembered the frankincense burning this morning, fresh and crisp. You shook your head, not wanting your mind straying in the final lengths of the climb to such
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Ezio x Reader ~ All mine
Blue moonlight tumbled through the open window and spilled across the floor, gracefully staining everything in reach to a light sapphire. You huddled the blankets closer about your shoulders as you sat watching from your bed, the curtains stirred in the cool winter air and as another whirl of wind came they reared up, flapping loudly, threatening to knock the vase of flowers down while they waved madly in the air as if possessed. You jumped from your warm sheets and hurried across the hardwood floor to shut the window. Sighing as the quiet still was returned to you, you checked the rooftops your window looked over once more, before drawing the curtains closed and  returning to bed.
The day had been lovely, it wasn't that you were ungrateful, quite the opposite in fact, you had spent time with your family, what more could you wish for? It was only that you had hoped to see him, not really because of your birthday, it was just to know he was safe and well.    
Your ski
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Ezio x Reader ~ First Born
You blinked in the bright afternoon sunshine, glancing to a nearby bench. Strolling to it, you felt glad to sit. You huffed placing a hand on your swollen stomach, you had began to tire of carrying this baby, but every time you would stop to think about the fact that you were actually having a child of your own the moment would feel fresher and your heart would flutter madly in your chest.
You past the afternoon in the peaceful gardens of the villa, despite it being slightly disturbed by an ache in your stomach, you enjoyed wandering about them; breathing in the sent of the fragrant summer air, perfumed by the jasmines, oleanders and roses of the garden. Later you ventured down into the town, mainly you just walked about window shopping, though you did indulge in a small trip into the bakers.
It was as the suns light was trickling away, it’s burning shimmer beginning to fade into nothing but a memory, that you roamed up to the battlements, overlooking the fair countryside. Your (
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Haytham x Reader ~ An Act Of Lust And Curiosity~2
**Small warning - sexual themes.**
Connor had not appeared to suspect anything on the ride to Boston, though you were hardly surprised, Haytham treated you exactly as before, it was as if last night had all been a dream, your dream, one the Grand Master had never shared. He hardly spared you a glance, his offish behaviour only making you feel worse about what had happened. You frowned, grateful to now be away from them, keeping up your usual cordial character had been impossible today, so you had mainly just rode back in your own silence, while Haytham pressed small talk with the unwilling Connor.  
You inhaled deeply, forcing the slightly musty smell of the cheap tavern room to fill your nose, it wasn't pleasant here, but at least you were alone. You sat on the edge of the bed, bare feet chilled from resting against the cold wooded floor, while you looked around the dimly lit room, a bed, a suspiciously rickety looking chair and a small dresser were the only furnishings, a thin w
:iconpandanotes:PandaNotes 28 32
Altair x Reader ~ Young Hearts ~ Chapter 8
“Just sleep for now (y/n).” Altair whispered, covering both of your bodies with the soft blanket.
“But, I feel afraid.” You murmured.  
“Why, when I am right here with you?” He questioned, placing a soft kiss on your neck as he snuggled closer to your side.
“Because my heart knows that by morning you shall be gone.” You whispered fearfully.
“(y/n)…” He began, using his arm to lean over you protectively. “…just because we are apart, that does not mean I am not with you, in my heart I never leave your side.” He said quietly, his golden eyes focused on his finger that was drawing circles on your left shoulder.
You smiled softly.
He leaned closer, giving you one last kiss, his lips lingering against your own before he pulled away to lie at you side once again, draping an arm over you.
Your eyes snapped open from the dream to be greeted by the light of morning. You sensed another presence in
:iconpandanotes:PandaNotes 17 5
Ezio x Reader ~ Red Or White
The men before you stood quietly now, their faces contoured by the growing shadows in the room.  An agitated fear had taken you, one that rose through your body in a wave of heat, numbing every limb and tightening each muscle with gripping anxiety. You drummed your fingers against the back of the chair, your nails irritating the wood in repetitive taps. “Stop that.” One snarled in a hushed voice, your fingers immediately froze in mid motion, quickly falling limp at his command. You wished you had possessed a weapon when you opened the door, though there still would have been little you could have done, but still you damned yourself for being so vulnerable.  
Your throat had turned dry, making swallowing an uncomfortable challenge, and perhaps the silence in the room made it sound louder, but not just swallowing, every noise was magnified by the hush; breathing, the most shallow breath was noticeable, even just shifting in your seat created stark contrast from the
:iconpandanotes:PandaNotes 30 5
Mature content
Altair x Reader ~ Young Hearts ~ Chapter 7 :iconpandanotes:PandaNotes 10 9
Haytham x Reader ~ An Act Of Lust And Curiosity ~1
**Small warning - sexual themes.**
You watched the orange characters leap high towards a dark sky, their burning colour reflected in your eyes, the warmth caressing your face as you leaned close, mesmerized with watching the scorched logs being consumed by the flames, they strangled the bark and with coiled fingers and made it crumple into the embers below. The smoke rose steadily, surrounding you with the warm familiar sent of charred wood, it lingered all around you, clinging to your hair and entangling its sent with your braided locks.
You tossed two more pieces onto the fire, glancing at Connor's sleeping form, his breathing was steady, his face relaxed with lose strands of hair carelessly tossed across it, you smiled glad to see him resting so peacefully. While the Templar slept with a less restful expression, his face more of a frown, brows pinched and lips tight, his hair lose and a mess all about his face, you bit your lip, watching the flames move stealthily across his face, t
:iconpandanotes:PandaNotes 30 21
Mature content
Altair X Reader ~ Young hearts ~ Chapter 6 :iconpandanotes:PandaNotes 13 20
Mary Read x Reader - I'll Be With You
We're pregnant!” She had cried, it had hit you then, like the crashing waves you had watched break upon the cliffs, you had felt a sudden chill jump down your spine despite the heat of the suns relentless rays, your eyes had watered, you remembered looking towards the ground so she wouldn't notice. It shouldn't have hurt you, of course she had a life of her own, and lovers, but hearing it as fact made jealousy boil in the pit of your stomach, even in that moment, when everything was already so close to the end.
Thankfully your crimes being lesser, you had been thrown into prison with her, and not hung immediately. And so here you were, your head leaning back against the callous stone, watching your friend in her fevered sleep. Your fingers twitched in frustration, she needed a doctor, you had begged the guards, but those bastards did nothing, and your lingering fear was if she would survive much longer, her body was so weak from the birth, and her spirit even weaker since they ha
:iconpandanotes:PandaNotes 16 0
Haytham x Reader ~ Drunken Snuggles
It was just another evening at the green dragon, nothing out of the ordinary. Hickey was guzzling liquor, while the other gentlemen talked in deep conversation, and you, you sat trying not to let your attraction to one Mr Kenway make you lose concentration. Though the topic had strayed from important to more casual by this hour.
“Some’fin the matter, love?” Hickey questioned
You had began to notice your increasing desire for a certain man, but didn't intend on telling anyone about it. “No.” You squeaked, caught quite off guard by his question.
He wriggled his eyebrows while taking another long swallow. “Sure, so your reason for gawpin’ at ‘aytham would be?” He drawled.
You frowned. “I am not ‘gawping’, Thomas, I am looking...there is a difference.” You corrected, huffing slightly in your own defence.
“Course you are.” He mocked, giving an amused chuckle at your pout.
“Well, what does it matt
:iconpandanotes:PandaNotes 33 15
Haytham x Reader ~ Goodbye
You stood by the window, your trembling fingers pressed against the chill of the glass. Your eyes were fixed ahead, out towards the sombre onyx sky above, heavy from the clouds that withheld the stars and glow of the moon, staving the bare streets below of any light, making the city look bleak and deserted. The relentless drum of the rain was knocking against the glass, drowning out the sounds of  your strained breathing. Your heart was pattering wildly in your chest, you chewed your bottom lip in concern. Those words playing out in you mind, ' I promise, when business is finished here, we will have all the time in the world to talk.” You should have told Haytham then, you should have whispered those 4 words, why didn't you?      
A knock on your door disturbed you from your thoughts, you hesitated, your hands quivering as you clasped them together, muttering a small prayer for good news under your breath, the knock came again, not loud and intrusive, but a su
:iconpandanotes:PandaNotes 25 16
Mercer Frey x Reader ~ Don't Skimp On The Wine
“(y/n)!” Mercer snapped walking into the flagon. You looked up from your wine with a small frown, your lips pursed in slight frustration. “Come with me, now.” Before you even responded he was striding back towards the cistern. “You better go and see what it is he wants, lass.” Brynjolf  advised. “Perhaps.” You agreed, taking one more sip of wine before following Mercer. He was silent as he lead you towards his desk, making your heart pound slightly as to what he could possibly need from you so badly at this time. Your eyes scanned the cistern, it was empty, everyone seemed to be enjoying a drink in the flagon asides you, upon a second glance you did notice Cynric and Rune were still here, lurking on a small table, Rune appreciating a good mead while Cynric sat oiling his dagger.
When Mercer finally stopped behind his desk you raised your eyebrows in question, but to your immediate annoyance he only stood there, making you wait.
:iconpandanotes:PandaNotes 17 13
Altair x Reader ~Young Hearts ~ Chapter 5
“Follow me then, and stay low and out of sight.” Yazan instructed in a quiet tone.
You only gave a nod in reply, following him closely. The sound of your boots grazing the stone mingled with your breathing was the only noise in these quiet hours of darkness. The cool night air brushed you softly as you jumped to the next roof, landing with a soft thud that made you hold your breath, no guards had become alert to your presence, yet. You moved stealthily across this roof, finally making a jump for Abaan al-Bahri’s home, landing just so you were gripping the edge of the roof in the shadowy night, your forms moulded with the wall. You began to use your hands to move around the roofs, gripping tightly to the edge as you followed Yazan, your right hand followed by the left in a rhythmic pattern as you went. Upon reaching the back of the building, Yazan pulled himself up and you followed, promptly ducking behind one of the fine rooftop gardens. Yazan nodded to the two guards
:iconpandanotes:PandaNotes 14 15
Cute fuzzy pandas, Fan Art and a lot of fanfiction, get comfortable, get a cup of tea and relax away from the real world for a little bit. :heart:


Black Forest - episode tenth by bohomaz13 Black Forest - episode tenth :iconbohomaz13:bohomaz13 280 52 Friendship by KristynaKvapilova Friendship :iconkristynakvapilova:KristynaKvapilova 392 21 Radianta by infinite-art Radianta :iconinfinite-art:infinite-art 149 19 I went to the woods - Skyrim by WatchTheSkies45 I went to the woods - Skyrim :iconwatchtheskies45:WatchTheSkies45 134 26 Steven Ogg is Trevor Philips! by McCartworks Steven Ogg is Trevor Philips! :iconmccartworks:McCartworks 16 5 Gta V Front Facebook by Mrsheloner Gta V Front Facebook :iconmrsheloner:Mrsheloner 117 2
Anxieties of a Conflicted Introvert
[i don’t want to
have to tell you i’m
again but
lately it’s been tough.
And i’m stricken with this feeling that
maybe i’m not good enough.]
you see, somewhere out there
        birds are looking for nests and birds
        are finding them in the ribcages of souls but i
am tired of picking straw from my heart
and strings and hair that wrap around my fingers i’m—
[well sometimes i’m a little lonely
but i never wanted to tell you that]
--tired of seeing the ball i wind from
those leftover nests grow and grow—
                    [and i want more, want more, but
                                sometimes there’s only so much my heart can hold]
get out.
--and grow
my life is a tree c
:iconpencil-wolf:Pencil-Wolf 297 82
fire of a thousand stars.
what do you call that in-between romance,
a poem in the margins of a well-read story.
what would you say about those chaste kisses
that sweep the pine needles off our feet.
what do you call that moment of solace,
when we’re holding each other and that’s all i see.
when nothing else matters, beside your
beach waves of hair and pale blonde treating
the horizon with each shake of your head.
i am enraptured in the trap of your mind.
:iconflowerknees:flowerknees 6 8
Gave It My All
Loving someone who doesn't love you back,
Is like focusing all your energy,
On the ghost of a million memories,
And the touch of a person gone,
But I know I gave it my all,
Only to see myself fall,
Once again straight into the ground,
Loving someone who doesn't love you back,
Is like being dragged around,
And put down,
When your hopes are a little to rare,
I know I gave it my all,
Pushing away my feelings of hurt,
And anger,
I did it,
I gave up,
Are you happy??,
That I've lost it all,
To your pathetic lies,
And egotistical self,
I still hope your happy....
:iconexoticshorty101:ExoticShorty101 3 2
I'm Over It
If only I could forget your name,
And wash away all the memories we made,
Oh it's such a shame,
The way you played me like it was a game,

Funny isn't it??,
How I'm doing fine,
You did mean
a lot to me,
But I needed to be set free,
But I can tell your not over us,
The way you try to make me jealous,
It's pathetic really,
Cause I'm already over it,
And It's not really a normal thing,
For me to give up on someone,

But I'm SO happy,
I could literally sing,
But I wish I could forget your name,
And wash away all the memories.
Cause it hurts,
The way you played me,

But It's hilarious how you hate me,
You always were one for blaming,
Or manipulating,
I should've put up more of a fight,

Still I can tell,
Your not over it,
It's pathetic really,
Cause I'm over it,
:iconexoticshorty101:ExoticShorty101 3 5
serenity by pekthong serenity :iconpekthong:pekthong 4,984 561 My Own Monster by kevron2001 My Own Monster :iconkevron2001:kevron2001 1,862 55 Daily Paint 1883# Alowl Vera by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 1883# Alowl Vera :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 4,984 93 Dirty, Nasty Hobbitses by MeandrousArt Dirty, Nasty Hobbitses :iconmeandrousart:MeandrousArt 540 60 It doesn't really help much by DollieQueen It doesn't really help much :icondolliequeen:DollieQueen 9 12



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United Kingdom
~No Two Persons Ever Read The Same Book ~ Edmund Wilson ~

~Character, Like A Photograph, Develops In Darkness~
Hello, my loves! 

So I know I haven't been very active on DA lately, in fact I think I've only posted one thing since moving house. But these last months haven't been easy for me. I don't want to go into details, or anything. But I'm genuinely sorry for being away, I've missed posting work and chatting with all of you, and reading your comments etc. DA is one little window I get to the world where people actually share my interests, and so it's very special to me, as corny, or even silly as that may sound.


These past months I've found a lot of comfort in writing, and after taking some time to work on my own original works, I finally got back to writing Fanfiction, and have, this past month been working on some x Reader series:

  • I'll be uploading a Jacob Frye x Reader series. I haven't played Syndicate yet, but I have wanted to write something with Jacob for ages, so I'm glad to finally be ticking that off my list.

    • I've also been working on a Modern Haytham x Reader series.

      • And I'm planning to start a Connor x Reader series.


Obviously I will still be working on some one shots between these, half way through an Ezio x Reader one shot now actually. I'm going to begin to try and upload again regularly.

Anyway guys, I've missed uploading on here, and I hope you can all forgive me for being away so long!


  • Listening to: Rag'n'Bone Man - Skin
  • Reading: Short stories
  • Watching: HBO Rome
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Ginger tea


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